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2020 life goals

How to take care of yourself in 2020?

How to take care of yourself in 2020?

2020 life goals in

We started the year 2020 with many new things, in our personal, career and social life. We always try to promote ourselves mentally and physically, every year. To do this, we set our set of 2020 life goals and decided to share it with you.
So what are your 2020 life goals?

1. Investing in sports and fitness

We have always loved sports and fitness. We usually work out in the gym, but frankly, we got a little bored of it. This year we decided to invest in different workouts, ones that develop the body’s capabilities beyond just muscle development. At the beginning of the year, we started practicing cardio and bodyweight training only, with no weights. Apart from this training we also started training in TRX. For the past two months, we have been feeling a really significant change in our body, our flexibility and our personal abilities.

2. Disconnect from technology

That’s right, our store is an online store and we live through the internet. We are all surrounded by cell phones, screens, and apps. However, this year we decided to disconnect ourselves from technology every now and then to look around a bit, see the sunrise, ride a bike or just take a car ride. Try it, you won’t believe how much it changes lives and keeps you sane.

3. Read a book

Remember that? Book? The one with the cover and the pages.
Reading a book that expands the imagination, develops the thought and often inspires. Our connection to the screens has made us forget about the existence of books, but do yourself a favor and in 2020 you will set yourself a goal and read 3 or 4 books.

4. Get out to nature!

You will not believe how busy everyday life has made you forget about the smells and colors that nature gives us. Breathe clean air, look at the green trees, feel the sun on your skin and remember that the world gives us many beautiful things we sometimes forget.

5. Remember to give

How fun is it to have a gift? Trust us, it’s more fun to give it!
We tend to forget our favorites and forget that we must not take them for granted. Giving a gift to someone we love will bring you tremendous satisfaction, one that will refresh your relationship.
No matter if it’s your spouse, your best friend or someone you haven’t met in a long time – a small investment in gift-giving can do wonders for you.

6. Invest in the food you eat

The fuel of our body is the food. Just as you wouldn’t fill your vehicle with low-quality fuel, so too will your body demand quality, healthy food.
Be sure to eat more green, natural and unprocessed foods. Reduce the number of carbohydrates you eat, add a lot of quality protein to your menu, and lower the amounts of sugar you add to your food and drink.
The change will come fast and you will feel much better!

Set up your 2020 life goals and make it an incredible 2020!
BoxoLoco team

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