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5 best gift ideas for gay men

5 Best gift ideas for gay men

5 Best gift ideas for gay men

5 best gift ideas for gay men in

Giving a gift to those we really love is an amazing experience.
It’s fun to watch the surprised face when you receive the gift you really love and to know that someone has thought of you.

We really love giving each other gifts, just like that, for no reason. Just to remind each other how much we’re in love.
We’ve been together for almost 10 years and as time goes on, the gift ideas start to run out.

So, we’ve compiled for you our list of the 5 best gift ideas for gay men.

1. Gift box of all seasons of “Friends” series

We all grew up on this series and there is no one who doesn’t like it.
Who doesn’t fell in love with Joey and laughed with Phoebe.
We absolutely loved this package when we received it and spent whole nights watching it over and over in every episode.

gift ideas for gay men

2. Double Spa Treatment

No matter if you are a spouse or good friends, a double-spa-date is a great gift idea for a gay man.
And ohh we love a spa!
There’s nothing that reassures us more than that. And there’s nothing that simply “turns the brain off” better than that. Whether it’s a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage, we just enjoy it.
The soothing music, the warm and pleasant oil on the skin… no better feeling than that.
We recommend you to make it a double party with a delicious breakfast right after the spa (’cause who say no for food?).

gift ideas for gay men

3. Chocolate making course

Chocolate is the sexiest dish there and we are chocolate addicts!
So on our last wedding anniversary we decided to go together for a chocolate workshop.
In the workshop we were taught what the ingredients of the chocolate were, explained to us about the different types and finally we learned how to make chocolate ourselves!
This is a different and fun experience and is a great gift for those who do not know how to cook.

gay gift ideas

4. Smartphone photography workshop

Our smartphone is with us all day and the new devices have such good cameras that most of us are unable to take advantage of even a small percentage of their capabilities.
We’re sure there is no one who would not be happy to improve their photography capabilities.
We signed up for a workshop in Tel Aviv on a sunny and pleasant morning. The photography guide walked us around the city streets, explained the basics of photography and we came back home with stunning photos!

gay gift ideas

5. BoxoLoco Gift Pack or Gift Card!

Our 5 best gift ideas for gay men list isn’t comlete without a panty or swimwear gift pack.
Boxoloco started it’s way out of our love for underwear and swimsuits, so you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.
Each pack includes several types of men’s underwear, swimwear in several styles, sportswear or fetish wear.
You can find a pack for any type of gay man.
If you’re not sure what to buy, you can always get BoxoLoco Gift Card so your friend can choose the pack he likes the most.

full week underwer pack

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Juda James

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Manna Den

Great post! I really like the idea of a gift pack which includes several types of men’s underwear to gift your gay friend. I will definitely buy some pair of men’s underwear from mensuas.com. This store has an amazing collection of mens underwear from top brands.

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