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7 Best Gay dating apps for 2019

7 Best Gay dating apps for 2019

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Dating apps are the hot thing of the 2000s. No matter if you’re straight, gay, bisexual or transgender, everyone has the app that suits them.
So, which are the 7 best gay dating apps for 2019?

So your cute little gay ass is looking for some love. Or maybe sex. Or maybe both.
In recent years, gay dating apps have gained momentum and today there are dozens of gay dating apps you can find online.

If you’re looking for sex – there’s an app.
Looking for love? there is an app.
“Just trying straight guy” – there is an app.
It’s true, it breaks our romantic dream of meeting the ultimate gay man in a grocery store near home or in a subway, but it has opened up a whole world of possibilities that did not exist before.

1. The first one on the list is Grindr

Sometimes this app seems to have always been here, but the truth is it is a fresh young dating app that has reintroduced the dick pick concept.
This app, it came out, is more an app designed for people looking for a one-time, permanent move or just fulfilling fetish fantasies that will be hard to find elsewhere.
This location-based app is what makes it different and special from others, so you can find out that your neighbor (yes, the one who has a girlfriend) is also looking for a little rant sometimes.

grindr gay dating app

2. Scruff is the second app on our list and is more for… well, old men!

For this reason, it attracts a more mature audience. Of course, not all of its users are men with beards and this is for marketing purposes only.
This location-based app, too, like Grindr. One thing we really love about this gay dating app is your ability to post your upcoming trip there and find friends (or … you know …) anywhere in the world you come to. Also, premium users of this app can also add their own videos.

gay dating app 2019 - scruff

3. Growlr is a social network for bears and people who want to feel comfortable about their bodies.

We disagree with the categorization of this dating app and think everyone should feel comfortable with their bodies everywhere!
But no matter what we think, people use this app and know couples, dating, and one night stands.

gay dating apps - growlr

4. Mr.x

Mr. x known by its previous name as mister is a gay dating app over the age of 30. Probably the same people you will find in other apps you will also find here, but the fact is that this app still works and proves that gays live even after age 30.
The inventor of this gay dating app also invented the knki designed for people in the fetish community (you go, girl!).

gay dating apps for 2019 - mr.x

5. Adam4Adam

Adam4adam started as an old and established American dating site, which for some reason has garnered a reputation as a place where untoward types would find closeted gay servicemen and public figures and out them. In this dating app, you can find both gay porn and gay sex shop.

best gay dating apps 2019 - adam4adam

6. Romeo/Gay Romeo/Planet Romeo

Romeo is a gay dating app that has changed its name several times (Gay Romeo which became Planet Romeo) and is recognized in Europe in general and Germany in particular.

best gay dating applications 2019 - romeo

7. Hornet

Anyone who hasn’t heard of this gay dating app probably hasn’t heard of her because he lives in a place where there is no homophobia. In these places, gay dating apps are not blocked like Saudi Arabia, for example. Hornet is more popular in places where there is homophobia (like Lebanon blocked Grindr, for example).

best gay dating apps - Hornet

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