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best gay movies on netflix

Best gay movies on netflix

Best gay movies on netflix

best gay movies on netflix in

The coronavirus is already here and that’s a fact. Many of us are at home for a long time, watching the news or looking for other pursuits. We wanted to make it easier for you to spend your long stay at home so we made a list of the best gay movies on netflix.

Dream Boat

Which of us wouldn’t want to be on a cruise right now, enjoying the sun, scenery and beautiful body of the men hanging out on the shirtless deck?
If you can’t realize it in reality, we recommend you to watch Dream Boat. The film follows five men from different countries who went for Gay Cruise, in order to get away from their families and cultures, spend time and think about life.
dream boat on netflix


Alex Strangelove

A surprising and fun love story, which begins between Alex and his girlfriend and ends with crazy love for an attractive man. Alex Truelove, an adolescent high school student, plans to lose his virginity to his cute girlfriend. His plan changes when he meets Elliot – a cute young boy.
We’re guessing that crazy attraction between two men is sometimes inevitable.
alex strangelove on netflix


Please, Like me

Have you ever experienced real heartbreak?
We’ve all been through one, and we’ve all dealt with it one way or another. For Josh things happened a little differently. After his girlfriend dumps him, Josh, a twenty-something man, discovers he’s gay, sleeping with an attractive man and moving in with his suicidal mother.
We were so in love with Josh, so we just saw all episodes nonstop. Highly recommended!
please like me


King Cobra

If you’ve ever seen Gay Porn, you’ll know exactly who this is.
Stephen, a longtime producer of gay porn movies, struggles with two rival producers for the rights of his 18-year-old porn star – and the results are deadly.
Struggles, money wars and lots of sex scenes give us a faint idea of ​​the behind the scenes of the porn industry in general and the gay porn industry in particular.
king cobra on netflix



Boxo by day and Loco by night, remember?
This is exactly what Bonding is all about.
The series tells of a New York student working as a BDSM queen. She recruits a gay friend from high school as a personal assistant to run her BDSM club.
If you’re already home, this is a great way to pass the time, isn’t it?
bonding on netflix


Enjoy guys and please, stay home.
Waiting for better days, Kim and Adi

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