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gay birthday gift

Gay bithday gift

Gay bithday gift

gay birthday gift in

Finding the perfect gay birthday gift is not an easy task.
You don’t always know what he likes, what his lifestyle is or what he prefers more than anything.
To make things easier for you, we’ve collected for you the gifts we love most from our online store and we believe are the perfect gay birthday gift.


Gay Gift Card

Gift Card is a great gay birthday gift. If you’re not sure what he likes or what package he likes the most, just give him a gift card.
You can choose between different amounts of Gift Card. Your friend will always be able to complete the amount if he decides to buy a more expensive gift or save the remaining amount for his next purchase.

gift idea for gay
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Apollo underwear package

This pack is our best-selling package. This package has:

  • 3 classic brief underwear by Addicted brand
  • Modus Vivendi special socks
  • Handmade natural body lotion with the perfect scent
  • A sex pack that includes ID lubricant and cockring to complete the feeling

Underwear pack for men
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Red classic underwear pack

Our red package is one of our favorite packages. This red color just looks sexy on anyone!
This package includes:

  • 2 pairs of PUMP underwear; brief and jockstrap
  • Amazing body lotion, with an excellent handmade scent Natural face serum
  • Sex pack with lubricant and cockring

In our opinion, this package is more suitable as a gay birthday gift for a spouse than a close friend.
But hey, you know your friends best, no?

men's underwear pack
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Hades leather pack

If you’re a little daring, you can always get one of our leather packs for your friend or spouse.
This package, for example, comes with:

  • Short sexy boxer
  • Sexy tight tank top
  • Addicted Fetish Socks
  • Leather bracelet and leather collar
  • Sex pack with lubricant and cockerel

You can choose from a few colors, all combined with leather, and give a complete total look for a fetish party or particularly enjoyable night in bed.

gifts for gay men

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Surprise me pack

This is the option we love most!
It gives us the opportunity to imagine what the person who buys it likes 😊
In this pack you just let us surprise you or your friend and send what we love most.
You can choose the quantities that will be in the package, but we choose its contents.
If you want to help us with the decision, you can add some information about your friend in the comments of the invitation, it will certainly help us to pinpoint his exact taste.

gay men gift boxes

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I think its the perfect gift package for my friend i love to gift him these type of sexy package and undies mostly i prefer the gooddevil.com for this they have amazing collection of sexy lingerie’s and panties now i will try this package.

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