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our list of the gayest car ever made in the world

Gayest cars ever made

Gayest cars ever made

our list of the gayest car ever made in the world in

Gay-mobile? Pink-ride?
Here’s our ‘gayest cars ever made’ parade for 2020.

In recent years we have witnessed the development of the advertising industry and the possibility of customer target and segmentation has been the best it has ever been.
Automakers realized the great potential of our community and started marketing certain cars to the proud community in the world.

Subaru, Toyota, Mini, and Fiat are a partial list of car manufacturers that have produced entire campaigns aimed at the LGBT community.

Volkswagen, for example, produced an advertisement that aired in Alan DeGeneres’ out of the closet episode, which shows two men traveling on Volkswagen Golf. The commercial aired at the program’s prime time, in prime time in the US.

This time, we have chosen to bring you the list of gayest cars in our opinion, without even the car manufacturers intending or advertising them as such.

So let’s begin our ‘gayest cars ever made’ parade:

Toyota Prius

It is cost-effective, reliable and spacious. It is probably the best and most popular hybrid car in the world.
The feeling inside is a sense of total high-tech and it is incredibly quiet. Perhaps for these reasons, it is a car that is very loved by the pride community and that is the main reason it is on our list. But let’s face it, it’s not the prettiest machine you’ll see on the road.
So Toyota, please, make the next generation a little more eye-friendly…

gayes cars ever made
Toyota official website

Volkswagen Beetle

What’s not written and what’s not to say about the Volkswagen Beetle?
The generation we are talking about is the newer generation, the one that Volkswagen introduced in the 1990s as a concept and brought to the market after rave reviews from people whose nostalgia overwhelmed them.
The new beetle is beautifully designed and looks like the original beetle that visited a little too many hours in the gym.
Volkswagen did not designate it for the gay community, but the community fell in love with its cool look and it quickly became a public favorite.
And that is why it is also on our list.

gayest cars ever made
VW official website

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a Fiat remake of its legendary mid-century car. She is the car that brought Fiat back to the US market after missing it for 27 years and is definitely worthy of the status “a pride community favorite”.
It has already captured many hearts on the day it was presented and changed people’s thinking about the Italian brand. Its design is simply sweet, it is small and fun to drive.
Not every man would love to show himself in the Fiat 500. In our opinion, it deserves a place of honor on our list.

fiat 500 - gayest cars ever made
Fiat official website


The Smart is the smallest car from the German manufacturer Mercedes and one of the smallest cars in the world.
It has only two seats and can be purchased in dozens of color and model combinations, from a simple basic model to a powerful turbocharged model.
The small, chubby look of the Smart will make you stare for hours and realize that it makes a lot of sense.
It is definitely suitable for gay couples living in central Manhattan who do not need a large passenger car.

smart by mercedes - gayest cars ever made
Smart official website

Mazda Miata

Last on our list and our favorite is Mazda Miata. It has only two seats, rear-wheel drive, fairly basic engine, and phenomenal driving capabilities. It all thanks to a small wheelbase, excellent chassis, and tremendous stability.
Just smile! The Mazda isn’t very well equipped, neither upscale or special, but it will make anyone who sees it simply smile!
This car conveys the message “this is what it is so deal with it”.
That is exactly the message of the proud community, isn’t it? 🙂

mazda miata - gayest cars ever made
Mazda official website

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