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best gay friendly hotel

best gay friendly hotels

best gay friendly hotels

best gay friendly hotel in

We love to travel. And as a gay couple, we usually prefer to stay in gay-friendly hotels and gay-friendly cities.

We’ve traveled extensively during the 10 years that we have known each other.
We were in China and Thailand, enjoying Italy and crazy Las Vegas. We experienced every corner of New York and found the darkest places in Berlin (yes baby!). In every city, we wanted to explore the life of the LGBT community.

Not anywhere was it easy and everywhere we felt comfortable doing it.
In China, for example, there is almost no acceptance for the LGBT community but In contrast, in New York, we felt at home!

As you already know we spend our daily lives in Tel Aviv, an amazing city in the Middle East that has full openness and acceptance for gays. That’s why it’s so hard for us to spend time in cities and countries where we don’t feel equal.

In the countries we visited, we always tried to stay at Gay-Friendly Hotel so we could feel comfortable during our trip.

In this post, we’ve compiled you the five most gay-friendly hotels we have visited around the world.

  1. Axel hotel Barcelona

    Last year we visited this hotel during the Pride Parade. Surely this is one of the most trendy-urban hotels we have visited.

    This hotel defines itself as “Straight Friendly” (LIKE!) and in recent years has become a hub for the city’s LGBT community events.
    The location of the hotel is excellent, right in the center of the proud quarter of the city, a fact that allowed us to get to any place or party we wanted very easily.
    We definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to stay in a hotel where you will feel as comfortable as you are.

2. Inta hotel, Tel-Aviv

Inta is the first gay-friendly hotel in Israel, and it has earned this definition with respect.
This beautiful hotel is a boutique hotel, differently designed from any hotel you have ever seen. The hotel and rooms are decorated in ethnic and authentic design. No more alienated and cold atmosphere.
The owner of the hotel, Kobi, will take care of you personally, will be available to you at any request and will be happy to give you guidance on the amazing city – Tel Aviv.

On the roof of the hotel, you will find a huge balcony that can sit for long hours in the sun, drink from the bar and enjoy the bustling street sounds. In the evenings, the hotel hosts drag queens and live performances by Drag Queens and other singers – a treat!

The location of the hotel is excellent, right at the center of things, among the best parties in the city and the Tel Aviv beach.
When you arrive, tell Kobi that Kim and Adi referred you 😉

3. Riu Hotel, Madrid

The Rio Hotel in Madrid is an adult-only hotel, very luxurious and well designed. We stayed at this hotel two years ago at the Pride parade of Madrid.
We especially liked this hotel because it is located right by the beach and surrounded by huge, beautiful gardens so that each room has a stunning view, sea or gardens.
Although the Rio Hotel is not exactly in the city center, it is not far away and it was easy for us to get to the parties or the pride parade in the city center.
Many sports and leisure facilities also made us enjoy our time at the hotel – gym, Jacuzzi, beautiful Madrid seaside, and spacious pool.
During your next gay vacation in Madrid, you must not miss this hotel.

4. Axel Hotel, Berlin

There is a good reason that AXEL HOTEL in Berlin is one of the top trip advisor hotels of 2019.
The hotel is located in the heart of the Schonberg neighborhood, which is the gay neighborhood of the city and one of its largest entertainment centers.

For us, a hotel design is an integral part of the holiday and we really liked the design of this hotel and we’re sure you will too – black and gold colors that add to the style of the hotel and make the experience of it something unique in the German capital.

Needless to say the excellent service of the staff who are always happy to help us with any request. But most of all we liked the slogan of the hotel – we are heterofriendly – a nice way of saying that the target audience is gay without really saying it. Well done!


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