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Most gay friendly cities

Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World

Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World

Most gay friendly cities in

Dozens of cities and countries that are considered gay-friendly can be found around the world, some of them considered as most gay-friendly cities in the world.

These cities harness the power and unity of one of today’s strongest and leading communities – a community of eight hundred million people in the world.
In each of these cities, you can find bars, clubs, shops, hotels, and restaurants designed for the LGBT community and define themselves as Gay-Friendly.
When we made the list of the world’s most gay-friendly cities, we defined some parameters that we believe are most important: LGBT community’s rights in the country, social conditions for the proud community, nightlife and social openness towards the proud community in that country.

We are pleased to introduce you to our selection of the most gay-friendly cities in the world.

11. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and one of the cities with the largest gay culture in the world. In Toronto, you will find gay galleries, restaurants, and bars designed for the gay community. The gay neighborhood called Church-Wellesley which is the beating heart of the community.
Over the years, the Quarter has increased its geographical presence and become a cultural and social hub for members of the proud Canadian community.
Every year, you can join the hundreds of thousands of celebrants in the large, colorful Toronto Pride Parade that takes place in the city.

toronto - most gay friendly cities in the worls
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel

10. Sao Paulo, Brazil

In the third-largest city in the world and the largest city in South America, you can also participate in the world’s largest pride march. Last year it has about 4 million (!!) marchers who enjoy the music and the colorful along Paulista Avenue.
Gay nightclubs with spectacular shows, sex clubs, gay saunas, and showcases are just a small part of what you can find in this amazing and colorful city.

Sau Pualo - most gay frindly cities in the world
Photo by sergio souza

9. London, England

When it comes to gays, London is definitely one of the most sophisticated, cultural and open-minded cities towards the LGBT community you can find.
London’s annual Pride Parade is one of the largest in Europe and also incorporates gay and lesbian film festivals and fun and experiential nightlife.
The London Soho is a declared gay district where there are gay shops, gay bars, galleries and clubs full of style and fashion as only the English people know.

London - most gay friendly cities
Photo by Filippo Andolfatto

8. Madrid, Spain

It is impossible to tell about cities with vibrant proud community life and not to mention Madrid.

The city where about half a million members of the proud community live in and that hosts one of the largest and most beautiful pride parades in Europe each year.
You can celebrate it every night at one of the big parties and dance as only the Spaniards know how to dance.

Chueca district is the district where the clubs, restaurants, and hotels that are geared towards the gay community are concentrated.
In Madrid, gay marriage is allowed by law and the influence of gay community members is felt throughout the city.

Madrid’s annual Pride Parade this year, Orgullo has about 2 million marchers, happy and colorful. It was definitely one of the pride parades we enjoyed the most in the world!

madrid - most lgbt friendly cities
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

7. Miami, USA

If you think everyone in Miami is more tanned, prettier and shapely, you’re probably not mistaken.
Miami is a sunny, fun, joyous and energetic city throughout the year.
This city has always been a place where members of the LGBT community felt welcome and loved. And they certainly knew how to give love back to Miami.
All this goodness, which lasts all year, culminates in the annual Miami Pride Parade held in Miami Beach, an exaggerated, colorful and fun pride parade, perhaps the most enjoyable in the world!

Miami - most gay cities in the world
Photo by Lance Asper

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, our beloved. The city where everyone is wanted loved and patient. Every time we visit the city, we feel so relaxed. ‘Live and let live’ is one of the well-known sayings in the city. This is the main reason why members of the pride community seem to love Amsterdam so much.
Its annual pride parade is definitely different and special and held on the water along the beautiful and unique canal of the city.

The trucks we know from other pride parades around the world, replace with colorful and happy boats.
This is definitely an experience that we recommend to everyone to experience at least one in life!

Amsterdam - most gay friendly cities
Photo by Adrien Olichon

5. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain is the only country to win twice on our list and for good reason. Alongside Madrid, Barcelona also constitutes a gay-friendly city leading the gay rights in Europe.
A few years ago, it even passed a new anti-homophobic law that regulates the rights of the LGBT community and which is the basis and foundation for equal rights.
Whenever you arrive in Barcelona you will find that something is happening. Whether it is a small festival, a colorful party or the Circuit Festival held every year and which is the biggest festival in Europe.
The gay district called Gayxample where there is a large concentration of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels designed for the gay community.

barcelona is one of the most gay friendly cities around the world
Photo by Kaspars Upmanis

4. San Francisco, USA

The global gay MECCA. The gay community’s capital. The World Cultural Center and the American Community Nightlife Center. Everything you say about San Francisco will be right for this city.

With the world’s largest gay concentration and LGBT history and community rights, this is the city that definitely deserves a place of honor on the list.

More than 15% of the city’s population is declared LGBT and is a safe and secure base for every man and woman. In San Francisco (of course!), there’s a happy and colorful annual pride parade where everyone feels belong!

most gay friendly cities around the world
Photo by Max Templeton

3. New York, USA

Write songs, stories and hundreds of films about her. An unparalleled city in the world that has its own category and style you won’t find anywhere else.

We don’t know how to explain it, but once we got to New York (the second and third and fourth times …) we felt at home. This is probably why this city is so loved by the LGBT community.
New Yorkers are open to everyone, no matter who they are and what they are.
A city full of culture, fashion and style.
Dozens of restaurants, bars, hotels, and galleries. Mostly designed for the gay community or owned by gay community members are scattered throughout the city.
It’s one of the few cities in the world where there is more than one gay square. Gay wedding and marriage ceremonies are allowed and accepted and held in the mythical and familiar town hall.

list of most gay friendly cities in the world
Photo by Luca Bravo

2. Berlin, Germany

The city in which you are welcomed in every way, by all means, and with every fetish, you can imagine – this is Berlin.
It is recognized as the European Pride City, full of culture, nightlife and breaking conventions and norms.

Nightlife in Berlin also continues throughout the day and hosts dozens of events every year for members of the gay community, from happy and colorful Pride parades to leather and fetish parties to the genre’s fans.

The World Pride Month which takes place in June is a happy and exciting month in Berlin. After visiting it for a few years we definitely recommend you visit and enjoy what the city has to offer for LGBT.
Our recommendation: Keep your mind open 🙂

most gay friendly cities in the world
Photo by Mar Cerdeira

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Located In the middle of the Middle East. Unlike anything you imagine, there’s a small city that is definitely the best gay city in the world (well, this is our hometown too!).
Endless sunshine, the food you won’t find anywhere else in the world, beautiful beaches and the best nightlife in the world – all that you can find in Tel Aviv.
Everyone is welcome here and everyone gets in Tel Aviv just as they are.
Throughout June every year, the city celebrates Pride Month with dozens of events, festivals, shows and celebrations and of course, the highlight is the colorful and beautiful Tel Aviv Pride Parade that takes place throughout the city.

most gay friendly cities
Photo by Shai Pal

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