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Popular Gay Slang / Type Of Gay Men

Popular Gay Slang / Type Of Gay Men

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Gay slang has become more and more common over the years.
It has become a real language, no matter if you are straight or gay, you probably know what it means.

Surprisingly, most slang comes from the animal world and the use of these words today is more common than ever.
So if by chance you don’t know what the word “twink” or “bear” means, we have prepared this dictionary specifically for you.

  • BEAR
    The term bear in the gay world is an ancient term and is also well known in the strait worlds and expresses a large, hairy man and usually a thick beard.
  • CUB
    This is the younger bear, usually in his twenties, with a large, hairy body. When he grows up he will be a gay bear.
    Twink is the opposite of a bear. Thin and almost completely hairless, more attached to his feminine side. Twink is the word that young men usually define when they grow older or develop muscle as Twunk (just like Justin Bieber, from Twink to Twunk).

    The Gay who is somewhere between Twink and Bear. Has a bigger body shape than Twink but smaller than a bear, with little or no body hair at all and no facial hair at all and having facial hair of all kinds.

  • WOLF
    Just like the Otter but with more body hair and a little more muscular body structure. They are usually defined as more aggressive in sex, but that is not mandatory.


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Best design at the beach is the one who makes a lot of people look at it. Twice ✌️

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    The gay guy that anytime you look for him you will find him in the gym, this is the Gym Rat! He will always be on the way to the gym or on the way home from the gym, that’s the center of his life. Usually, his Instagram will be full of pictures during workouts, after workouts or before training with highlighted and prominent muscles so no one misses his abs.


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Thanks @kriszty.an for this photo! If you’re happy, we’re happy 😎🏳️‍🌈

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  • PIG
    The center of their lives is sex, they look for sex at every opportunity, everywhere, with anyone and every gay dating app that exists.
    Most of the pig is passive and seeks his sex at every opportunity.

  • BULL
    A very muscular and big man with very prominent muscles. You won’t always be sure he’s gay, but trust us, he is.


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