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Ideas for gay gifts

The Authentic Gay Blog

"My personal favorite BoxoLoco box is the Athena gift box. It contains a mesh tank top and speedo from Addicted, one of my favorite gay clothing brands. First of all, who doesn’t love a mesh tank top? The box also comes with AmmaLurra natural body lotion and body mist perfume – yummy! It’s a great gift for someone who doesn’t like shopping but wants to look like a fab SoHo Queen"

gay men underwear

Tommy Wright Unboxing

The gay YouTuber Tommy Wright unboxing our underwear pack he just recieved. Tommy's pack includes three Addicted men's underwear and lots of men's natural skin care products.

gay gifts

I Love Gay Blog

"Started by a real-life gay couple (who met online – they say Facebook, I say no need to front), they have created a series of gay packages that everyone is staring at. Gifts for the gays, by the gays. This is not your run of the mill box o’ stuff that are clearance items from companies that have no personality or distinction; each limited edition box is curated from premium, high quality, unique brands – brands that we know and love, whether in public or in the bedroom"

debt free guys

Debt free guys

5 ways to 10X your body beautiful. Read it right here

gay gift and gay gifts

Tim Finch review

The gay YouTuber Tim Finch unboxing our underwear pack he just recieved, and he's so sexy and funny! Watch him

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