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Blueprint Underwear Pack


  • Underwear // 2 pairs of men’s underwear by PUMP! Jocks+Brief
  • Face Serum // All-natural by AmaLurra
  • Men’s eye-cream // all-natural by AmaLurra
  • Sex pack // ID lube + Cockring
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We designed this gift for gay man as a classic gift box for those who love hot, sexy and classic underwear.
Blue underwear (mix of briefs and jocks) with high-quality men’s grooming products.

All underwear packs are discretely packed in a tough delivery box.
FREE shipping included.

In this gift box we put together two great brands, to make this a perfect gift for gay man:

  1. PUMP! Founded in 2009 with brand headquarters in Montreal, Canada, PUMP! Create men’s underwear combines a sense of sport with fun fashion trends and daring ideas. PUMP! Underwear collections generally display a look revolving around youth, fitness, and sport.
  2. AmmaLurra is a lifestyle brand that produces hand made soaps and cosmetics. These natural cosmetic products contain therapeutic oils combined with extracts of plants to nourish the body and supply it with rich moisture as well as a delightful fragrance.

We pack all our packages manually so that each box is given special and personal attention.

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We really want you and your spouse to be happy together with any of our gay gift boxes.
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