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amazing instagram photos

How to take amazing Instagram photos?

How to take amazing Instagram photos?

amazing instagram photos in

We like beautiful pictures of men in underwear or beautiful men in swimsuits.
Or just pictures of beautiful men. Instagram changed the rules of the game. An “ordinary” image is no longer enough to stand out. It must be a perfect, high-quality and prominent image.

We are all on Instagram. Scrolling further and further in a friend’s feed or a gay men’s feed in his underwear.
What do you think about his photos? (we’re not asking about his abs)
You see the perfect pictures of that handsome man, once in his underwear, once in a photo from the trip with his partner and once he hardly wears anything, and you don’t understand: How do his pictures come out perfect and you … well, a little less good …? Why can’t you have those beautiful pictures also?

There are some basic rules that you should follow. Are you Ready?

1. Lighting, lighting and one more time – lighting!

Most of us take photos with the phone’s camera.
They are high-quality and good enough to take a high-quality image, but the cameras of our smartphones cannot (yet) handle well enough with poor lighting and darkness.

Therefore, be sure to take your picture in good lighting, preferably in daylight.

2. Don’t (and we repeat it – don’t!) Use your phone’s flash or digital zoom.

They will not flatter any angle, they will reduce the quality of the image and highlight everything you do not want them to stand out. Want to take a closer look? Get close to the item you want to take. This will keep the quality of your image.

3. Keep a clean lens.

You will not believe what a difference you will find in your photos if you just clean the lens before taking a photo. Our smartphones are with us throughout the day, replete with dirt, hand fat, and dust.
There is no way to prevent it, so it’s important that you clean your lens right before the moment of shooting.

4. Keep creative.

An image that has beautiful accessories, an interesting background, or a twist that will make it more interesting – will attract more attention.
For example, A picture of a stud man in his underwear would be more interesting if he had different accessories, maybe clothes that had just been removed by himself, maybe a cake or tie lying on the bed.

Try it, it will greatly upgrade the image.

5. All modern phones have the ability to change the image quality.

Check out your camera’s settings and you’ll be amazed to discover a whole world of possibilities.
If your phone has the ability to shoot in HDR or RAW, you can choose these options because it will significantly improve the quality of the image. If you do not select the highest image quality option enabled by the phone.



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