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What ILOVEGAY.NET wrote about us

What ILOVEGAY.NET wrote about us

gay gifts in

just wrote a review about our gift boxes and we’re happy to share it with you.
We chose a few words from the full review and you can find the full review right here.


What do you get for your special gay friend that has everything?  Whether they’ve just come out the closet, discovered the Kama Sutra for the first time, moved in with their one true love, celebrated a ten-year anniversary, got that promotion, survived Folsom, or – dare we say – aged one year older, it’s gotta be BoxOLocoBox o WHAT?  Yaaas, girl! 

There’s a new box in town that’s a party in front and business in back – or business in front and party in back – whatever you want, they have.

Started by a real-life gay couple (who met online – they say Facebook, I say no need to front), they have created a series of gay packages that everyone is staring at.  Gifts for the gays, by the gays.  This is not your run of the mill box o’ stuff that are clearance items from companies that have no personality or distinction; each limited edition box is curated from premium, high quality, unique brands – brands that we know and love, whether in public or in the bedroom….

Of course, we all feel a little Loco sometimes.  A guilty pleasure of mine for after-hours or a quiet night at home is their Hades Gift Box (below)– let’s say I’m beyond addicted.  You get Addicted brand genuine leather boxer (yes, queen, they mean business), fetish tank top (peek a boo I see a nipple), leather collar (woof), harness and bracelet (matching, of course!), sex pack (with lube and cockring, essential for date night), fetish style socks for when your legs are in the air. 
Shy?  Don’t worry, each hand packaged specialty box is discreetly delivered worldwide (for free, by the way). 

Want a happy medium from Zeus to Loco?  Choose from their variety of underwear boxes.  Depending how much skin you like to show, each of their underwear boxes come with specialty style undies with eye creams, body soap, socks and of course, a sex pack with lube and cockring – not only will your junk feel catered to, it will also be ready for anything, and I do mean anything, that can happen in the course of a fabulous gay day. 
I really love the affordable Pac Man themed underwear box – especially for the gayme players out there. 

The beach boxes are customizable from tanks to swimwear, whatever pattern best fits your favorite gay. The speedos are super chic and will turn heads at the gay beach or the community pool.  Werk!  The beach packages also come with skin care products perfect to pamper after a day of sand, beach margaritas, and the reflection off of that hot life guard.  

Now let’s just be honest, while you are shopping for your gay bestie or the office gay who won’t stop gossiping about your Tinder profile,  you are going to be entranced by their boxes and you will start clicking on packages for yourself.  Do it.  Not sure if you are more Box than Loco?  Take the quiz on their blog, their suggestions are spot on.  You might be surprised what box you end up with.  (Wink, wink.)  Come on gays, stop giving boring gifts to others and to yourselves.  This is the new gay gifting revolution: we’re here, we’re queer and…don’t we look FABULOUS?

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